Search result page

This section is only available from version tf-1.0.

1. Open Search result page section

  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Online Store > Themes.

  2. Find the theme that you want to edit and click Customize.

  3. Click the search icon from the header to go to the search page. If there is a search form that appears, just click the search icon in the search form again.

  4. Click the Search result page section on the left.

2. General settings

  • Limit: adjust the number of items ( products, articles, or static pages ) per page.

  • Products layout: choose a layout to display products. There are 4 values: medium grid, large grid, very large grid, and list.

  • Articles layout: choose a layout to display articles. There are 4 values: large grid, very large grid, and list.

3. Blog article item

  • Show author: show the author's name.

  • Show date: show the published date.

4. Toolbar

Turn on/off the block that helps customers switch between item layouts such as large grid, list,...


By default, the pagination with the numbers will be shown.

If you turn on the infinity loading products feature, the pagination with numbers will be replaced by the load more button or infinity scrolling.

These settings work like the same settings in the Collection pages section.

6. Filter settings

The filter feature can only use for a store that has less than 1000 products. If your store has more than 1000 products, it will be working incorrectly.

Turn on/off the filter sidebar. You can add/edit/remove filter items like the Collection pages section. Please refer to this page for more details about filter items.

7. Product item settings

You can refer to this guide for more details.

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