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To view the changed files between the current version and the previous version:

  1. Step 1: Extract your downloaded package from ThemeForest.

  2. Step 2: go to Click "Upload Diff" then browse to the folder you extracted in Step 1, open the "Changelog" folder, then upload the diff file of the theme style you want to view the changed files. Ex: beloria-1.diff.

  3. Step 3: click "Diff me" and you will see the changed files.

There are some files that have not been listed in the .diff files and you should not modify these files. These files contain CSS and JS codes that have been compressed for optimizing the speed. I will list them below:

  • assets/bt-application.min.js

  • assets/bt-collection.min.js

  • assets/bt-search.min.js

  • assets/bt-cart-page.min.js

  • assets/bt-customers.min.js

  • assets/bt-fre-bought.min.js

  • assets/lazysizes.min.js

  • assets/bt-shipping-cart.min.js

  • assets/bt-vendors.scss.liquid

  • assets/styles-rtl-full.scss.liquid

  • assets/product-single-full.scss.liquid

  • The files with the syntax of name: assets/bt-section-*.min.js

  • assets/bt-product-global.min.js

  • assets/bt-newsletter-popup.min.js

  • assets/bt-cookie-consent.min.js

  • assets/bt-sales-notification.min.js

  • assets/bootstrap-rtl.min.css

  • assets/bootstrap.min.css

  • assets/bt-icons.css

  • assets/bt-section-collection-filter.css

  • assets/cloudzoom.css

  • assets/google-maps.css

  • assets/newsletter-popup.css

  • assets/product-single.css

  • assets/quick-view.css

  • assets/recommended-products.css

  • assets/shipping-calculator.css

  • assets/styles-collection-page.css

  • assets/styles-remain-pages.css

  • assets/styles-rtl.css

  • assets/styles.css

  • assets/lightgallery.min.css

  • assets/vendor.min.js

  • assets/challenge.css

  • The files with the syntax of name: snippets/preload-*.css.liquid ( in version before 3.1, it is snippets/preload-*.scss.liquid ).

Version tf-4.2 Sep 13, 2021


  • Improve image and tooltip effects.

  • Improve performance on the collection and product page.


  • Fix RTL issues on the collection and product page.

Version tf-4.1 - Aug 26, 2021


  • Filter on collection page: fix an issue when showing categories by using a link list.

  • Fix the password page.

Version tf-4.0 - Aug 12, 2021


  • Compatible with Shopify 2.0, administrators can add sections everywhere.

  • Drag & drop product information such as title, price, options, tabs, reviews,... on the product page.

  • Show filters from Online store > Navigation > Filters on the collection page.

  • Allow administrator configures the quantity threshold to show the progress bar on the product page.

Version tf-3.5 - July 01, 2021


  • Integrate review app.

  • Add a fixed close button in the collection filter on the mobile view.


  • Optimize performance for all pages.

Version tf-3.4 - Jun 01, 2021


  • Show the Shop Pay Installments banner.

  • Show the "View in your space" button on the 3d model product page on the mobile devices.

  • Add the Hebrew language to available locales.


  • Display all heading tags in the secondary font.

  • Beautify all CSS files.


  • Font size configuration not working in the accordion tabs on the product page.

Version tf-3.3 - Apr 26, 2021


  • 8 new home styles( 3 one product styles, 5 lingeries styles ).

  • Shopify font picker to change the font easily.


  • Optimize performance for the homepage, collection page, and product page.

Version tf-3.2 - Mar 28, 2021


  • Wishlist, compare button in the product grid item on mobile.


  • Optimize the js compression to load faster.

  • Remove PWA because Shopify has no longer supports the proxy to run this feature.


  • Collection filter auto: separate multiple values by a comma in meta fields with string type

  • Social sharing with the image that has been uploaded in Online store > Preferences

  • Tooltip on the cart page when removing an item

  • Duplicate description in quick view when admin adds the "[description]" variable in the short description from Theme Editor.

  • Klaviyo integration

  • Missing the remove wishlist button on the mobile.

  • Align collection items in the collection list section.

  • Improve facebook pixel tracking.

Version tf-3.1 - Feb 25, 2021



  • Improve the wishlist tooltip button.

  • Removed PWA feature - Details: From Mar 1st, 2021 Shopify has sent us (and others who use the Service Worker framework) a note indicating that they will not support the Service Worker Header in the App Proxy. We (along with numerous other application developers in the community) are reaching out to the team there to see what the plan/status is. Recommend to turn off this feature in your theme to avoid the 404 issue. Please refer to this article to do that.


  • Fix loading products and snippets in ajax because Shopify has ignored some params in AJAX requests.

  • Fix loading products in ajax.

Version tf-3.0 - Jan 27, 2021


  • Add the bottom mobile toolbar.


  • Improve loading product tabs section.

  • Display the review form below product tabs on the product page.

  • Bring the progressive web app back because Shopify allows using the service worker.

Version tf-2.2 - Jan 23, 2021


  • Customization fields on the product page.

  • Powerful mobile megamenu section.


  • Cart icons in the add to cart button and header cart.

  • Remove the PWA feature because Shopify will not support the Service Worker Header in the App Proxy.

  • The register and cancel buttons in the login and register form.


  • The links of load more button and infinity loading in the powerful product tabs section.

  • Displaying the "mpn" attribute of a variant in product snippets.

  • Conflict the "sidebar cart" HTML class with other apps.

  • Slider arrows in RTL, slider arrows of product images on the product page, and the product columns section.

  • Collection auto filter with tags.

  • Update to the corresponding product variant after change the main image.

  • Challenge pages.

Version tf-2.1 - Dec 21, 2020


  • Improve the URLs history when clicking filter or pagination on the collection page.

  • Collection page: Not collapse filter items that customers are choosing their values


  • The current filter item link when enabling the tag filter instead of an auto filter.

  • Viewing product images gallery in the product layout 10. Use the LightGallery plugin to view product images on the desktop screen.

Version tf-2.0 - Nov 14, 2020


  • FAQ section and template.

  • The page title configuration of the list-collections page.



  • Product JSON snippet.

  • Breadcrumbs metadata.

Version tf-1.0 - Nov 04, 2020: Release on ThemeForest


  • Collection filter auto on the collection and search result page. Create your filter sidebar without adding product tags for a hundred products.

  • Local store pickup feature.


  • Defer running the brand slider to improve performance on the home page.

  • Improve Product JSON snippet data.


  • Fix the param to load dynamic snippets to avoid affecting the Shopify top online store searches report.

Version 1.1.0 - Aug 06, 2020


  • The Progressive Web App features. Add the service worker to improve the loading speed, support SEO better, offline experience, and add the home screen button.

  • Display product unit prices.

  • Show the cart terms notification message when customers click the checkout button without ticking the terms checkbox.

  • 10 new home styles.

  • The new effect for the ADD TO CART button on the product page.


  • The megamenu dropdown sometimes has not appeared.

Version 1.0.0 - May 10, 2020: Release on

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